VT7 was established in March 2011 by a married couple, Vincent and Crystal Thomas.  Both of them were born and raised in Detroit, MI.  Vincent went to Lawrence Technological University to study architecture & received his certification in Architectural Technology/Residential Drafting & Design at Macomb Community College, which portrayed his artistic background. Crystal is a current student at Wayne State University pursuing a master's degree in Library and Information Science specializing in Health Informatics and Data Management.  

   To attempt to bring a positive reputation to the city that they grew up in, Vincent and Crystal decided to create a company that would include Detroit-inspired clothing, accessories and artwork. Vincent's love for designing and the city of Detroit inspired him to create the designs that are included in the clothing line.  Crystal's role is to perform operational research and technicalities for the VT7 company.

Mission Statement:
   Our goal is to inspire creativity,  style, royalty and pride in the city of Detroit.  We want our customers to believe that they are kings and queens with style. For our business, we strongly believe that providing service for others is worth more than selling products.

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